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Steam Ovens & Compact Steam Ovens

Close up shot of a NEFF Single Oven in use

Just add water

Steam is a magical ingredient. It celebrates succulent, tender flavours and nutrients. Just the kind of qualities we value in our steam appliance range.

Full Steam ahead

An oven and steamer in one, FullSteam combines the power of steam – ideal for tasty fish and vegetable dishes – with the conventional benefits of oven heating.

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Steam appliances - healthy and delicious

Once you’ve tried it, it’s hard to go back: joyous vegetables keep their vitamins and minerals in, meat and fish turn out beautifully tender. VarioSteam ovens provide just the right amount of moisture. Choose between our FullSteam ovens, which combine 100% steam with conventional oven functions, and our compact 18 inch steamers, for steam only.

NEFF Steam draw being removed from a NEFF Oven

Steam Ovens - cooking to the power of H2O

Meat that's crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside? Our VarioSteam ovens help you get it just right. They give your dishes just the desired amount of moisture at different intensity levels, for baking, roasting or simply to heat up a meal from the night before. It’s the perfect treatment for a rib-eye steak, seared and then steamed in a casserole dish. VarioSteam adds the desired amount of steam through ducts in the back plate. There are pre-set programmes to help you achieve beautiful food that is succulent, tender, and full of flavour.

If you want to extend your adventure of cooking with steam, but love all the heating modes of a fully featured oven, you’ll enjoy our FullSteam ovens. They are compact, easy to operate and come with a simple to refill concealed 1-litre water container.

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NEFF Steam Oven seamlessly aligned

Steamer - a healthy champion

A steamer is not just a healthier way to treat your favourite ingredients, it’s an invitation to get creative and to unlock flavours you’ve never experienced in home cooking before. Whether you want to cook like a pro and serve the most tender sous-vide marinated fillet of beef, beautifully crunchy vegetables or an elegant, yet simple salmon dish, the steamer delivers a treat. The 18 inch appliance fits neatly into your cabinetry around your conventional oven or other NEFF appliances. It’s simple to operate, too, with several automatic programmes to suit a wide range of dishes. These can be selected via the TFT display. EasyClock helps you control steaming times – for consistently heavenly results.

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