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Worktop Installation Cooker Hoods

Maximum headspace - minimum odours

Maximum headspace - minimum odours

Worried about steam and smoke bluring you idea of a great meal? Let our worktop installation options take care of steam right where you are cooking, with no need to find room for restrictive wall mounted or island hoods.

Our Worktop Installation – Frees up your space

When creating your dream kitchen, the last thing you need is a hood that spoils the view or the space. Our worktop installation options discreetly work around you: the slim Domino Hood and the retractable DownDraft Hood are positioned right next to where you're cooking, while our Integrated Hood extractor fits neatly behind the kitchen furniture.

Our Domino Hoods - flexibility for cooks

Our Domino Hoods - create a cooking that’s unique as you

From griddling on induction to frying on Teppan Yaki, our Domino Hoods extract steam and odours without interfering with your cooking. While you do your culinary magic, a slim retractable strip sits next to the cooking area, noiselessly eliminating everything unpleasant. These inventive hoods are as flexible as the Domino hobs they were designed for. Mix and match your cooking zones and position your Domino Hood where you prefer. When no longer required, the hood is retracted by a touch of a button for a flush finish. The Domino Hood is concealed underneath the unit to save maximum space. It works with a powerful EfficientDrive motor to get rid of steam and odours.

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Our Downdraft Hoods - elegantly space saving

Our Downdraft Hoods - elegantly space saving

If you’re looking for powerful ventilation without disturbing anyone while preparing meals, our Downdraft Hoods are a great choice. Devised for kitchen islands, they coordinate beautifully with our induction hobs. The Downdraft Hood is simply built into your worktop or kitchen furniture. Rising at the touch of a button, it gets to work quietly and effectively. You can choose between 3 power levels, using TouchControl. Dimmable SoftLight® dips your hob in a warm glow, and once activated, the hood can even act as an automatic air freshener: it runs five minutes every hour to keep your kitchen atmosphere nice and fresh – a clever idea for parties.

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Our Integrated Hob Extractors - silently clean

Our Venting Hob Extractors - silently clean

A great meal starts with the preparation and cooking. But there's no reason why a conversation should be limited to the dinner table only. Our Venting Hob Extractors sit seamlessly within your kitchen cabinetry, and work silently while you chat with your guests. Perfect for in-built kitchens, they're another unobtrusive idea to get rid of odours, steam and noise. They come with different power levels and an intensive setting, as well as two halogen lamps to illuminate your cooking area. The two metal grease filters can simply be cleaned in the dishwasher.

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