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Discover the world of cookaholics

Whether it’s keeping your trusted family recipes alive on our #NEFFKitchenLove recipe archive, or learning about our cookaholics, you ‘ll be more motivated than ever to get creative in your kitchen.

The Ingredient - NEFF Magazine

The Ingredient

Discover a world of great food inspiration, tips and stories. Created for foodies, The Ingredient is the ideal place to explore recipes, read about inspiring food stories from across the world and receive tips and techniques on how to get the best out of your NEFF appliance.

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Our #NEFFKitchenLove campaign aims to bring communities closer together through cooking, as well as ensuring those trusted, family recipes are not forgotten.

Find out more about our refurbished Community Kitchens in Milton Keynes and Haverhill, and how to share your recipe for other’s to try.

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Sense the Cook in You

Senses bring back memories and emotions for many people, often associated with food and in the kitchen. Our N50 oven range come with a host of features which help ignite your passion for cooking and bring the best out of your dishes.

Join the journey of discovery and find out how our N50 Slide&Hide® ovens can awaken your senses.

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NEFF Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories

At NEFF, we are inspired by passionate cooks and food lovers. Our Kitchen Stories series explores the lives of local food producers and what motivates them to grow, nurture and source quality ingredients. From Italian slow food to Welsh reared Wagyu beef, immerse yourself into their world and follow their stories.

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Food Odyssey

We joined forces with the Food Busker, John Quilter, and woman&home for a UK wide Food Odyssey. Searching for the finest ingredients, we also discovered some inspirational local food stories.

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Cooking Passion

Join our social community of over 500,000 NEFF Cookaholics to discover monthly recipes, cooking tips and inspiration for your kitchen. We’ll also keep you up-to-date with our latest events and food campaigns.

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Cooking with NEFF

Our love to great food, quality ingredients and passionate foodies is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we have a host of cookery events and schools to get you up-close and personal with our appliances and experimenting with your own culinary masterpieces. Discover more about what NEFF cooking experiences are available.

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We have an array of delicious recipes to inspire you for every occasion or season. Whether it’s Full Steam, Sous Vide or induction hob cooking, we have dishes to suit every feature or appliance. Simply search for the recipe you’re looking to find or use our simple filters for more personalised results.

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Cookery Book

If you prefer a traditional recipe book for your meal inspiration, our free NEFF cookery book has hints, tips and recipes you can flick through at any time. There is also a useful conversions page, so no matter whatever unit or tool you are using, you can adapt the recipe to suit. Simply download and enjoy!

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Discover NEFF

Discover NEFF is an area where you can learn more from us. Whether its reading about our brand history, exploring our MasterPartners®, or viewing our latest promotions.

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Feature Highlights

At NEFF, we’re driven by people and cooking. That’s why it’s so important every detail of each product is carefully thought about and tested.

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Customer Service

Our support section provides expert advice on how to maintain your NEFF appliance and trouble-shoot problems.

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