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Wall Installation hoods

Built a wall against bad odours

Build A Wall Against Bad Odours

Smoke, steam and kitchen smells - if you prefer clean air when cooking, our broad range of wall installation hoods are a good bet for your kitchen.

Wall Installation Hoods

If you love cooking, our range of wall installation hoods help you enjoy your pastime to the full. They fight humidity smells and smoke with clever functions that work quietly and skilfully. As a result, nothing can come in the way of your culinary magic.

Our Angeled Chimneys - cook in harmony

Our Angled Chimneys - cook in harmony

What is it you like most about cooking? Is it the colours, the taste or the smells? Or a bit of everything? To keep cooking a feast for your senses, our Angled Chimney hoods get rid of kitchen smells and odours fast and efficiently. Their black glass perfectly

coordinates with our Induction and Ceramic hob range. While this creates a beautiful look, it also gives you maximum headspace to easily access the food you cook.

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Our Glass Chimneys - clear freshness

Our Glass Chimneys - clear freshness

Passionate cooks focus on the food and the conversation – anything else is just unnecessary noise. This is why our Glass Chimney hoods are designed to blend in and do their job quietly and skilfully, while you enjoy the conversation and prepare the food.

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Our Box Chimneys - eye and odour-catching

Our Box Chimneys - eye and odour-catching

Our Box Chimney hoods are designed to make a statement. They're the focal point of any kitchen, and there most certainly is a design that suits your taste. And when the dinner is over, the AirFresh ventilation automatically takes care of the room climate. It can be set to ventilate the kitchen's air for five minutes every hour - ideal after a dinner party or a prolonged cooking session.

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Our Pyramid Chimneys - air control

Our Pyramid Chimneys - air control

There are often many pots and pans on the go, which can sometimes make your kitchen feels as busy as your local restaurant. You might want an extractor hood that looks the part. Our robust pyramid hoods are certainly qualified. With a wide range of options and widths of up to 90 centimetres, they are ready to tackle steam and odours while you get onto the next course. Our wall-mounted Pyramid models are suitable for both ducted operation and recirculation operation. And to keep your trusted extractor hood clean, you can simply pop the metal grease filters in the dishwasher.

View Pyramid Chimney hoods


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