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Heat adjustment at your fingertips

Whether you're cooking slow or searing a steak - with FlameSelect® you can adjust the size of the flame precisely and intuitively with 9 flame levels.

The right hob for every cooking style

A great meal is all about the ingredients. And it's the same when it comes to cooking and choosing the right hob. If you want flexibilty, an electric hob might be what you're after. Or pick one of our innovative gas or fast induction hobs. Can't decide? Then the Domino range might be the best hob for you, as it mixes all of the above.

NEFF Ceramic Hob surrounded by ingredients

Ceramic Hobs

For every form of passion

With their frameless design, our Ceramic hobs standout in any kitchen, and a whole range of options with up to 17 power settings makes preparing the next feast as easy as pie. And as cooking is all about creativity and individual taste, our expandable zone cater for pots and pans in all shapes and forms. Better still, our enhanced touch control panel provides full flexibility over your cooking.

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NEFF Gas Hob with a Wok Burner in use

Gas Hobs

Ingenious flames

For some cooks, there's nothing like preparing meals with flames. Our gas hob range provides you with the tool you need, no matter if you want stir-fry or slow-cook. Our 9-level FlameSelect® allows you to adjust the flame just like on an electric hob, making cooking even easier. With a range of sizes available, our hobs are ready for almost any kind of pot you can think of. Like Asia style? With our Dual Wok you have two flame rings stacked on top of each other – an ingenuous idea to adjust two flames for one delicious task.

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NEFF Induction Hob surrounded by ingredients

Induction Hobs

Fast and flexible

Are you fond of exploring new and untried recipes and tastes? Our range of induction hobs lets you indulge each and every second of the cooking experience. Our FlexInduction hobs allow you to move your cookware freely around on the hob. The pots are automatically detected and heat applied where it's needed. But there's more to our hobs to guide you to a tasty result. Take the TwistPadFire® which puts heat at your fingertips. A simple rotating motion with your index finger allows you to set the temperature.

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NEFF Teppan Yaki used alongside a NEFF Induction Hob and a NEFF Gas Hob

Domino Hobs

Bespoke cooking

We know that when it comes to cooking sometimes only one option just isn't an option. You want the traditional feel of using gas but also fancy Teppan Yaki? Our domino hob range allows you to combine all the flavours of cooking in one hob. Just mix and match - Domino is our tailored hob, giving you exactly what you need to cook up the meals you envisioned. Whether it's FlexInduction, gas, wok style, Teppan Yaki or Ceramic style. The domino range puts the world of cooking in your kitchen.

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NEFF Venting Hob in use

Venting Hobs

Premium, space-saving and designed with creative cooks in mind

Our range of Venting Hobs combine a FlexInduction Hob cooking surface and powerful hood extraction into one appliance so you can create the stylish and open aired kitchen you've always dreamt of.

NEFF Venting Hobs are designed to respond to your way of cooking. With the removable and illuminated TwistPadFire® dial you can react to pans bubbling away quickly and easily. Simply point and twist towards your cooking zones to activate and adjust heat.

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NEFF Griddle Plate being used over a NEFF Induction Hob

Hob Accessories

Keep cooking exciting

Having the right tools, for one. In our expansive accessories range, you’ll find pots and pans that we have created especially for our induction hobs. You can add a wok ring to your gas hob, find teppan yaki roasting dishes for your FlexInduction or choose from a selection of fine utensils like knives and spatulas. And when you’re done with creating your kitchen magic, we’ve also got the right cleaning and caring products to keep your appliance in great shape – for many cooking sessions to come.

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