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FlameSelect® Hobs

Men using NEFF FlameSelect


Gas hobs with FlameSelect® give you complete control over the flame level.

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With FlameSelect® give you complete control over the flame level.

With FlameSelect®, the gas flame adapts to the dish and not the other way around. Whether you’re searing a steak, boiling pasta, or simmering a roast, you can set the heat just as you would with an electric hob.

See the feature in action, watch the video.

Cook everything just right with 9-level Flame Select®

Select one of the 9 levels and you can see how the flame becomes larger or smaller just as you need it. For the first time ever, cooking with gas is as easy as cooking on an electric hob. And no matter the dish, you’ll enjoy cooking it.

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NEFF hob control panel showing residual heat indicator

Your personal sentry – with our residual heat indicator

‘Off’ and ‘cold’ aren’t the same thing. When you’ve turned off the hob, the residual hear indicator keeps watch for you. If the ‘H’ is shown, then you definitely don’t want to touch the cooking area.

When the ‘h’ lights up, the gas hob tell you that it’s nearly finished cooling down and it’s time to reach for the dishcloth. No symbols at all? Fine! You can start cleaning the cold hob.

Two rings of fire with our dual wok

You choose what to cook, so you probably want to decide how to cook it.

Whatever dish you prepare, dual wok gives you the choice between one or two rings. So you can always be sure to get the right amount of fire.

Hand using control dials on NEFF hob

The feel-good experience

With the new sword dial design, cooking is not just about the passion but also a feel-good experience.

Better grip and handling for hands-on cooking.

Less gas but full taste

Save energy, but never compromise on flavour. The high efficiency burner requires less has than conventional gas hobs.

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