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Kitchen featuring NEFF behind the door appliances
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Designed with Cookaholics in mind

At NEFF, we’re driven by people and cooking. That’s why it’s so important every detail of each product is carefully thought about and tested. Whether it’s healthier dishes with the unique Slide&Hide® Full Steam single oven, or saving space in your kitchen with our two in one Venting Hob, we have a product to enhance your cooking experience.

NEFF Slide&Hide®

No matter what your cooking style, we have a Slide&Hide® oven for every Cookaholic. Whether it’s Full Steam for added flavour and nutrients, or Pyrolytic self-cleaning for added convenience, we have the oven for you.

Learn more about Slide&Hide®

Pyrolytic Self Cleaning Ovens

Pyrolytic self-cleaning

Pyrolytic self-cleaning ovens take the hassle out of cleaning your oven. At just the press of a button, dirt, food residue and build-up is burnt away using a high temperature programme, leaving you to simply wipe away the remaining ash on the bottom of the oven. You can now concentrate on cooking and entertaining your guests without the worry.

Learn more about Pyrolytic self-cleaning


VarioSteam® enhances your dishes flavour, texture and appearance by adding just the right amount of moisture whilst baking, roasting or reheating. Whether it’s crispy potatoes or a succulent joint of meat you are cooking, with three intensity levels to choose from, you can select the required amount of steam based on the dish and your desired results.

Learn more about VarioSteam®

TwistPad® Fire

Our FlexInduction hobs with TwistPad® Fire control combines stylish design and intuitive cooking. Simply point and twist the illuminated, removable dial to activate your desired cooking zone. You can also take advantage of the larger cooking space and place pans of any size anywhere within the zone.

Learn more about TwistPad® Fire

Full Steam Ovens

Full Steam allows you to cook healthier meals by locking in your food’s nutrients and flavour. With all the benefits of a conventional oven and steamer, our Full Steam ovens are easy to operate and it couldn’t be simpler to refill the concealed water container. You can also choose between cooking with Vario Steam or 100% pure steam

Discover Full Steam Ovens

Creative Slim Hood

Creative Slim Hoods

Illuminate your kitchen in ambient lighting with our Creative Slim Hood. Choose from over 30 colours to suit your mood, utilise the convenient recipe book shelf and jot down ideas, inspiration and ingredients on the handy writable magnetic board – all whilst keeping the room free from steam and odours.

Discover Creative Slim Hoods

NEFF Venting Hob

Venting Hobs

Our 2-in-1 Venting Hobs mean you can now incorporate powerful extraction within your NEFF hob. Steam and odours are eliminated right at the source, and the stylish cast iron vent placed over the hood can also double up as a pan rest. You can also enjoy the benefits of Flex Induction cooking to maximise space.

Discover Venting Hobs

NEFF FlameSelect Hob

FlameSelect® Hobs

NEFF gas hobs with 9-level FlameSelect® allow you to adjust the flame as you would the heat on an electric hob, making cooking even easier and more precise. You can select from a range of sizes to suit your needs, including the Dual Wok with two flame rings. The sophisticated design also fits seamlessly into any kitchen.

Discover FlameSelect® Hobs

Integrated Appliances

Our range of integrated home appliances work quietly behind the door to give you more time and space to host in your kitchen. No matter what size kitchen you have, we offer a variety of sizes and features to suit your need.

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Discover NEFF

Discover NEFF is an area where you can learn more from us. Whether its reading about our brand history, exploring our MasterPartners®, or viewing our latest promotions.

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At NEFF, we believe your kitchen is a place of inspiration and imagination. That’s why we have created a range of kitchen appliances for every Cookaholic.

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Customer Service

Our support section provides expert advice on how to maintain your NEFF appliance and trouble-shoot problems.

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