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Grocery Card Promotion

Grocery Card 2018

Claim a NEFF Grocery Card worth up to £100 to spend at leading UK supermarkets.

This season, claim a Grocery Card worth up to £100 when you purchase selected NEFF Appliances

Participating Models

In order to claim, a selected NEFF appliance must be purchased between 19.09.2018 and 13.11.2018

Claims must be received by the Promoter before midnight 13th December 2018.


Description Model Number Card values Link
Single oven B3ACE0AN0B £50.00 View
Single oven B3ACE4HN0B £50.00 View
Single oven B4ACF1AN0B £50.00 View
Single oven B4ACM5HN0B £70.00 View
Single oven B6ACH7HN0B £70.00 View
Single oven B5ACM7HN0B £100.00 View
Compact oven C1AMG83N0B £70.00 View
Double oven U1ACE2HN0B £70.00 View
Double oven J1ACE4HN0B £100.00 View
Double oven J1ACE2HN0B £70.00 View
Double oven U1ACI5HN0B £100.00 View
Double oven U2ACM7HN0B £150.00 View
Double oven U1ACE5HN0B £100.00 View

Built-in Dishwashers

Description Model Number Card values Link
Full Size S513M60X2G £50.00 View
Full Size S513M60X1G £50.00 View
Full Size S513K60X0G £50.00 View
Full Size S513K60X1G £50.00 View
Full Size S513G60X0G £50.00 View
Full Size S515T80D1G £70.00 View
Full Size S515T80D2G £70.00 View
Full Size S515T80D0G £70.00 View
Full Size S517T80D1G £100.00 View
Slim line S586T60D0G £70.00 View
Slim line S583C50X0G £50.00 View

Built-in Laundry

Description Model Number Card values Link
Integrated Washing Machine W544BX0GB £100.00 View
Integrated Washing Machine W543BX0GB £100.00 View
Integrated Washer Dryer V6320X1GB £100.00 View
Integrated Washer Dryer V6540X1GB £100.00 View


Description Model Number Card values Link
Gas Hob T27DS59N0 £50.00 View
Gas Hob T26CS49S0 £50.00 View
Gas Hob T26BB56N0 £50.00 View
Gas Hob T27CS59S0 £70.00 View
Gas Hob T27TA69N0 £100.00 View
Gas Hob T26TA49N0 £100.00 View
Induction T58UB10X0 £100.00 View
Induction T56UB50X0 £100.00 View
Induction T48FD23X0 £50.00 View
Induction T46FD53X0 £50.00 View


Description Model Number Card values Link
Box Chimney D94BHM1N0B £70.00 View
Box Chimney D64BHM1N0B £70.00 View
Glass Chimney D94AFM1N0B £70.00 View
Glass Chimney D64AFM1N0B £70.00 View
Pyramid Chimney D92QBC0N0B £50.00 View
Pyramid Chimney D62QBC0N0B £50.00 View
Glass Chimney D94GBC0N0B £50.00 View
Glass Chimney D64GBC0N0B £50.00 View

American style fridge freezers

Description Model Number Card values Link
Side-by-side-fridge-freezer KA3923I20G £100.00 View
Side-by-side-fridge-freezer KA3902I20G £100.00 View
Side-by-side-fridge-freezer KA7902I20G £100.00 View
Side-by-side-fridge-freezer KA3902B20G £100.00 View

Built-in cooling

Description Model Number Card values link
Fridge-freezer - NoFrost K8345X0 £100.00 View
Fridge-freezer - NoFrost KI7863D30G £70.00 View
Fridge-freezer - NoFrost KI7853D30G £70.00 View
Fridge-freezer - NoFrost KI7862F30G £50.00 View
Fridge-freezer - NoFrost KI6873F30G £70.00 View
Fridge-freezer - NoFrost KI6863F30G £70.00 View
Fridge-freezer - NoFrost KI5872F30G £50.00 View
Fridge-freezer - NoFrost KI5872S30G £50.00 View
Fridge-freezer - NoFrost KI5852F30G £50.00 View
Fridge-freezer - NoFrost KI5862S30G £50.00 View
Fridge-freezer - NoFrost KI5852S30G £50.00 View
Built-in Fridge K8315X0GB £100.00 View
Built-in Fridge KI2823F30G £70.00 View
Built-in Fridge KI1813F30G £70.00 View
Built-in Fridge KI2822S30G £50.00 View
Built-in Fridge KI1812S30G £50.00 View
Built-in Freezer G4655X7GB £70.00 View
Built-in Freezer GI7813E30G £70.00 View
Built-in Fridge KI8513D30G £70.00 View
Built-in Fridge KI1513F30G £50.00 View
Built-in Freezer G8120X0 £100.00 View
Built-in Fridge KI1413D30G £70.00 View
Built-in Fridge KI1413F30G £70.00 View
Built-in Freezer GI7413E30G £50.00 View
Built-in Fridge KI1213F30G £50.00 View
Built-in Fridge KI1212F30G £50.00 View
Built-in Fridge KI2222S30G £50.00 View
Built-in Fridge KI1212S30G £50.00 View
Built-in Fridge K1514X7GB £50.00 View
Built-in Freezer GI1213F30G £50.00 View
Built-in Freezer G1524X7GB £50.00 View

Grocery Card Options and Usage

Participating Grocers Physical/Digital Expiry Period Card Usage Usage Restrictions
Sainsbury's Physical Card 2 years In Store only – not redeemable online Cannot be redeemed at or in Sainsbury's petrol stations. It cannot be exchanged for cash or used to pay for Sainsbury’s Bank products, services, or credit card balances.
Tesco Physical Card 5 years In Store or Online where the gift card payment option is available at the online checkout. Not redeemable for groceries online.
Waitrose Physical Card 2 years In Store at John Lewis or Waitrose shops and online at or annot be used to discharge indebtness on any account or credit card issued by John Lewis PLC, Waitrose Ltd, or John Lewis Financial Services Ltd, nor may they be used for the purchase either directly or indirectly of any financial product or service including John Lewis gift vouchers

How To Claim

Please read the Terms and Conditions and ensure they are fully understood before applying.

In order to claim the cashback you will need the following:

Invoice/Sales Receipt

Model Number

FD and E-Nr numbers (found on your appliance)

Your full address

Dealer or retailer information

A copy of the original purchase receipt / Invoice. To avoid any doubt or confusion, copies of deposit receipts and/or order confirmations will not be accepted.

Make a claim online

Alternatively complete a postal claim form by downloading the claim form and post it together with a copy of your receipt to:

NEFF Promotions

The Marketing Lounge Partnership

6 Home Farm

Chester Road

Mere, Knutsford

WA16 0PX

If further assistance is required please ring tel no 01565 656 732 between 9am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday for more details. Call charges may vary and we may record and monitor calls.

Claims will only be paid upon receipt of a valid purchase receipt. You will need to pay postage for sending the purchase receipt to us. For the avoidance of doubt, copies of deposit receipts and/or order confirmations will not be accepted.

For full terms and conditions please download the full terms and conditions document below

View Terms & Conditions

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