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Sense the Cook in You

Be inspired by your senses.

Sense the cook in you with our N50 Collection. Beautifully designed and full of innovative features, we’ve got an oven to suit any Cookaholic.

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The oven door to the next level of cooking

When somebody discovers their individual passion for cooking, it brings them back to the kitchen time and time again. We asked ourselves how we could ignite that passion, both in kitchen newcomers and anyone who wants to take their cooking to the next level. Our answer: an oven that addresses all the senses during the cooking process. From the Slide&Hide® door that gets cooks closer to their cooking, to CircoTherm® for cooking a whole meal in one oven, its new features open a world of possibilities. Enjoying cooking with all the senses keeps that passion burning. That’s why we invite everybody not only to discover all the features and possibilities that this oven brings, but to embark on a journey of discovery: sense the cook in you.



“A smell evokes a completely difference story in each individual.”

Arnd is the mixologist at Fragrances, a bar in Berlin. He delights his guests by identifying the aromas in their perfume then basing cocktails on them.

For Arnd, smell is the most emotive sense when cooking. He inspires his friends by triggering emotions – euphoria, melancholy, and empathy – all with aromas. The same scents burst out of the glass cloches when he reveals his marinated rack of lamb with tea and aromatised butter.


Cook three dishes at once with CircoTherm®

Even a fragrance mixologist would admit that some flavours should be kept separate. With CircoTherm® you can cook, roast and bake a different dish on each level and everything will come out tasting like it‘s supposed to. Roast beef will smell of roast beef, muffins will taste like muffins. The only flavours that mix are those that the mixologist intended.

Creative cooking starts here.

Feel good food


“It’s impossible for me not to touch things. When I cook, I have to do everything with my hands.”

Britta lives in Tuscany, where she founded a label for handmade ceramic design. She likes to get right up close to her work, hand-moulding wet clay into simple designs. She wants to approach cooking in the same way. So she gets her friends to dig deep into a trough of soil, relying solely on their hands to pick out ingredients.

They later use these in back-to-basics recipes that let the taste of their ingredients shine through.


Slide&Hide® makes room without losing space

Slide&Hide® leaves more room for you to get closer to your cooking. The door disappears underneath the oven, so you have more space to create and marinate. Reaching for your lasagne or checking on your crème brulee is all the more convenient with the door neatly tucked away. And when you’re done, simply pull up the rotating handle to close the oven.

Make room for your own culinary touch with Slide&Hide®, the only oven with the disappearing door.

Discover Slide&Hide®

Sounds Mouthwatering


“Delicious food is like a concert of ingredients.”

Bruno is a London-based Sound Artist from Italy. He is passionate about making music accessible to everybody, whether they can play an instrument or not.

He sees parallels between his work and cooking: just as there is a musician in all of us, with a dollop of motivation and a sprinkling of inspiration, everyone can be a creative cook.


Singlepoint Meatprobe monitors the temperature inside your roast

The focus of any feast, your signature roast deserves the utmost attention. Let the Singlepoint Meatprobe watch over your prime cut so it will be done just right.

The built-in gauge shows you how hot the core it is, so you can take the roast out when it's just ready. Now you can confidently serve succulent slices of roast without fail.

A feast for the eyes


“For me, colours give shapes a greater depth.”

A photographer from Berlin, Jana is fascinated by colour. Precisely because she spends so much time behind the lens, she makes an effort to enjoy the colours and presentation of her food without the distraction of a camera or smartphone.

She has a vivid memory for colours, so her food often evokes the recollections she associates with them.


Set the height of our extending Clip Rails to suit your cooking

Flexible and detachable, our Clip Rails can be placed on any of three levels: high up for broiling bacon, in the middle if you’re baking a Bundt, or at the bottom for browning biscuit bottoms. They extend all the way out, so you can check up on your cakes at a comfortable distance from the heat.

Flexible cooking has never looked, or tasted, so good.

A kitchen to your taste

Choose the oven thats right for you

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