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Food Odyssey

John Quilter in the Food Odyssey Van


Great food is all about inspiration. But when you’ve been on your own Food Odyssey and sourced the ultimate ingredients, you need an oven that’s going to continue firing the imagination and keep those creative juices flowing.

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John Quilter in the kitchen squeezing lemon

Inspired by excellence

NEFF are passionate about food and we actively seek out the finest local producers, care about the provenance of food and are all about creating unique recipes with a ‘farm to fork’ process at heart. NEFF Slide&Hide® is integral when creating these delicious dishes as it lets you get closer to your cooking.

John Quilter, the Food Busker, shares our love of all things local and NEFF recently teamed up with him and woman&home and hit the road on a UK-wide Food Odyssey. Together, we met the best regional food producers, learned the unique stories behind their produce and cooked up a storm.

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For budding chefs and seasoned cooks

NEFF’s innovative range of Slide&Hide® ovens are designed to create the ultimate cooking experience. The Slide&Hide® has a unique door that slides effortlessly under the oven for easy access to your food. CircoTherm®, the unique hot air-system, means you can cook, roast and bake different dishes at the same time without flavours mingling. And if you’re a fan of steam cooking, we have two options you’ll love – Full Steam for a new horizon of flavour and Vario Steam for food that’s moist on the inside and crisp on the outside.

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John Quilter in the Food Odyssey van

Iconic food in iconic landscapes

Travelling in the Food Odyssey Truck, complete with NEFF kitchen, John didn’t take the ingredients to the oven…he took the oven to the ingredients and we were proud to be a part of his gastronomic journey.

From delicious seafood caught in the sparkling waters around the Pembrokeshire coast, to honey produced from hives on an inner-city allotment in Birmingham – this was a journey of provenance; a Food Odyssey that saw local ingredients become culinary masterpieces, with some of the most iconic landscapes as a backdrop. You’ll find all of John’s mouth-watering recipes below.


The Devon dairy with award-winning produce

Set amid the rolling hills, pastures, orchards and waterways near Exeter, it’s no wonder Mary Quicke’s herd of cows produce milk that’s so rich and flavoursome.

See the full video at woman&home

Blood orange and polenta cake

Blood orange and polenta cake

A fragrant treat that perfectly encapsulates everything that’s good about Devon and the surrounding area. Simply click on the link to download the recipe.

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Living off this green and pleasant land

The Butts Farm in Gloucestershire is an advocate of pure breeds and opened their gates to the public 14 years ago. They’re passionate about rare breeds and educating on the merits of locally farmed produce.

See the full video at woman&home

Ultimate beef ribs

Ultimate beef ribs

To complement meat full of fantastic flavour, John couldn’t resist the Texan BBQ-style dish that allowed the melting quality of the meat to shine through. Simply click on the link to download the recipe.

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Making waves in beautiful Pembrokeshire

In the stunning Pembrokeshire coast National Park, you’ll find some of the most evocative coastlines in Britain. Blue-flag beaches, stunning cliffs and sparkling waters, this is a seafood paradise.

See the full video at woman&home

Seafood banquet with aioli, sweetcorn and clarified butter

Seafood banquet with aioli, sweetcorn and clarified butter

A cracking banquet of steamed lobster and crab, courtesy of Seafood Supplier of 2017 at the Food Awards Wales. Simply click on the link to download the recipe.

Download recipe card


A little luxury from Leeds

Who’d have thought you’d find the world’s only ethically and sustainably farmed and stored UK caviar in Yorkshire? One of just 100 caviar farms around the world, polytunnels create ‘seasonal’ states for the farm’s 284 fish so the eggs can be harvested in rotation.

See the full video at woman&home

Neff Food Odyssey - Caviar party bites

Caviar party bites

To make the most of such a tasty product, just keep it simple. These delicious canapes are perfect and have amazing provenance. Simply click on the link to download the recipe.

Download recipe card


Buzzing in Birmingham

We all know that space is at a premium when you’re city-living. But genius use of inner city allotment and a rental scheme so that local businesses can rent hives, has produced a deliciously floral Brummie honey.

See the full video at woman&home

Neff Food Odyssey - Honey apple tart tain

Honey apple tarte tatin

With notes of melon and lychee, this glorious honey is showcased in a devilishly moreish way. Simply click on the link to download the recipe.

Download recipe card


The perfect climate in which to thrive

In a leafy spot at the edge of a beautiful secret forest location in Sussex, something tasty is hiding. Thanks to the UK’s changing climate, this part of the world is becoming renowned for something you’d associate more with Italy and France.

See the full video at woman&home

Neff Food Odyssey - Foraged mushroom and truffle risotto

Foraged mushroom and truffle risotto

An easy dish using an elusive delicacy – it’s time to make the most of that delicate, nutty flavour. Simply click on the link to download the recipe.

Download recipe card

Find out more about NEFF’s Food Odyssey adventure with woman&home

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