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Integrated Extractor Hoods

Pull out freshness

Pull out freshness

If you want a kitchen where nothing disturbs the action, you’ll like our hoods for integrated installation. Hidden behind a unit door, they simply pull out when needed.

Our Integrated Hoods – bye-bye, odours

When cooking up a meal for friends and family, the last thing you want is the noise of a hood in the background. Our integrated furniture hoods are built to operate on low noise levels while maintaining high air quality in your kitchen. Choose between telescopic, canopy and conventional to find the hood that fits your kitchen best.

Our Telescopic Hoods - always the right height

Our Telescopic Hoods - always the right height

When you’re cooking up a sumptuous meal, chances are, you’re more focused on what’s inside the pots than what escapes them. Our telescopic hoods are well-trained in coping with steam and odours. They slide out when you need them, and can be pushed back, for a flush finish when you don’t. With a lowering frame, the hood can disappear entirely from view. This compact, discreet set-up with subtle LED lighting has up to four highly capable speed settings. Any noise can be toned down further on demand with the Silence function, so nothing can spoil the kitchen conversation.

View Telescopic Hoods range

Our Canopy Hoods - room for inspiration

Our Canopy Hoods - room for inspiration

A great kitchen atmosphere is not just about the people you've invited or the meal you're cooking. A clear view to focus on your creations is a must, too. Our space-saving Canopy Hoods cleanse the air skilfully and quietly – allowing everyone to join the conversation. Another helpful idea: the metal filter cassettes are easily removable and dishwasher-safe.

View Canopy Hoods range

Our Integrated Hoods - for great smells

Our Integrated Hoods - for great smells

When all your friends sit around the table, just waiting for one of your treats to be served, you don't want steam or smoke disturbing the atmosphere. Our discreet integrated hoods work with three speeds to cleanse the kitchen air. While they do their job with a minimum of noise, halogen lamps shine a warm light on your bubbling pots and pans. The hoods come in a great range of sizes to cater for every kind of kitchen. Fitted between two kitchen cabinets, they hide behind a furniture door when you've finished cooking.

View Integrated Hoods range

Our Conventional Hoods - all clear for indulgence

Our Conventional Hoods - all clear for indulgence

Don't let the succulent lamb you served as a main overpower the delicious smell of your chocolate cake. Our Conventional Hoods reliably re-new the air in your kitchen, and whisk away steam and odours. With their built-in LED lights they create a warm, inviting space.

View Conventional Hoods range


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