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NEFF Slide&Hide®

Get closer to your cooking with Slide&Hide®

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Introducing Slide&Hide®

With the unique NEFF Slide&Hide® disappearing oven door, nothing gets in the way of your cooking.

Open the door and free your creativity

Nothing should get in the way of you creating fabulous food – especially the oven door. NEFF’s unique Slide&Hide® door is the only door that disappears under the open cavity, giving you more space and easier access to the oven.

Simply slide… and hide

When you open and close the door, the ‘revolution’ handle rotates so you always maintain a firm and comfortable grip.

When open, the fully retractable oven door fits smoothly under the oven, giving maximum space in any kitchen.

Save space. Remove barriers. Create masterpieces

With the door safely stowed away, not only do you have more space in the kitchen, you can get closer to the oven. Basting, tasting and removing trays is much easier. So what’s stopping you? Get closer to your cooking.

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Accessible, Space Saving, Unique

Choosing the right Slide&Hide® oven for you

How do you like to cook your favourite meals? From your own tried and tested creations to experiments with new flavours and textures, our ovens are designed to help enhance the dishes you love to cook. With innovations in steam, settings for prime meat joints and helpful suggestions at every step of the way, we’re confident that our ovens will inspire you to try something new.

Slide&Hide® Pyrolytic Single Oven with VarioSteam Added Steam Cooking -

The Perfect ingredient for baking, roasting and heating up.

If fresh bread and roast meats are a regular show-stopper at your table, our VarioSteam® added moisture function is perfect for succulent meat and boulangerie-worthy baguettes.

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Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning – for multi-tasking cooks

Cookaholics love to get creative in the kitchen - a little mess is all just part and parcel of the process. With Pyrolytic self-cleaning, oven residue is simply turned to ash, allowing you to wipe away minimal residue once the oven has cooled. With cleaning temperatures reaching up to 485°C, the oven securely locks until the cycle has ended.

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Our FullSteam 100% pure steam cooking is a wonderful way to cook fresh vegetables and incorporate healthier eating habits into your diet.

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Find Your Perfect Oven

We have a Slide&Hide® Oven for every Cookaholic.

Follow our 7 simple steps to find your perfect oven and compact appliance.

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What makes a cookaholic?

If you’re passionate about food and love cooking. If the kitchen is the heart of your home. If there’s nothing you love more than trying new recipes and creating delicious dishes from scratch. If you love taking a recipe and making it your own. If you’re adventurous and ambitious in the kitchen… you’re a Cookaholic.

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Which Cookaholic Are You?


Looking for an oven that adds just the right amount of steam for all kinds of cooking?

Try Slide&Hide® with Variosteam®


Looking for an oven that helps lock in all the nutrients and flavour?

Try Slide&Hide® with FullSteam.

Try Slide&Hide with Fullsteam


Looking for an oven that cleans itself while you focus on your guests?

Try Slide&Hide with Pyrolytic

Meet the Cookaholics

Our NEFF Cookaholics go above and beyond the recipe books. They’re adventurous, driven and ambitious cooks who measure by eye and weigh by hand. Learn more about our Cookaholics including Sophie, a mum and musician who loves a good performance, and that’s true when she’s in the kitchen too.

Sophie wants to get close to her audience and closer to her cooking. That’s why she chose the NEFF Slide&Hide® oven with its disappearing door. Now she can savour every flavor, aroma, bubble and sizzle without being kept at arm’s length.

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Make your kitchen the heart of your home and find your nearest NEFF retailer today.

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