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Choosing the right hood Wall Installation


It's amazing when a steak is sizzling in your pan, and the smell is part of an exciting cooking experience. But there are some kitchen odours nobody is too fond of. We have a selection of extraction to suit all kitchen styles and design whilst being powerful but quiet so not to disturb your conversation with family and friends while dinner is being cooked.


Choose from four locations to showcase your stylish hood within your kitchen. The NEFF range of hoods includes the spectacular Creative Slim Hood, perfect for adding a touch of creativity to your kitchen. Angled Glass hoods or Box Chimneys which make the perfect focal point. Worktop Domino hobs designed to give you ultimate flexibility and Telescopic, Canopy and Integrated hoods which are hidden from view for a sleeker finish.

Wall Installation

When there's a cooking session going on in your kitchen, all sorts of odours mix. So wouldn't it be good if the atmosphere stayed fresh and inviting no matter what you’re up to? Our Wall Installation hoods are powerful, yet designed to work quietly and economically, leaving your kitchen air clean and pleasant.



Make your kitchen the heart of your home and find your nearest NEFF retailer today.

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Extraction or Recirculation?

The best way to remove odours is to extract the air out of the room through the ducting. Unfortunately, in apartments or where the hood is too far away from an outside wall, this may not be possible. In this case, the only alternative is to re-circulate the air.

Chimney hoods featuring rim ventilation have metal grease filter cassettes hidden by a stainless-steel plate, ensuring a streamlined appearance. Air is drawn around the outside of the stainless-steel plate before being passed through the metal grease filter. Recirculation requires charcoal carbon filters to help remove unwanted odours.


Removes between 70%-95% of odours and requires changing of carbon filter on a regular basis.


Removes up to 98% of odours and doesn’t require a carbon filter.


Your extractor needs to circulate the air in the room 6 times in normal operation, 12 times in intensive operation, per hour. Use the below to identify the required d extraction rate which can then be used to select the appropriate extractor.

The new Regenerative Charcoal Filters give you a long lasting filter, thanks to a regenerative process using your oven, and can even be installed without a chimney piece if preferred. Benefit from up to 90% odour reduction when in recirculation mode.


Volume of kitchen (length x width x height) eg. 4m x 3m x 2.5m = 30m³ 6 x volume in normal operation and 12 x volume in intensive operation.

Please note that these are recommended estimates only, and assumes a 2.5m standard ceiling height.


Our extractor hoods have metal grease filters as standard. These are made of non-combustible metal and are designed to last for the lifetime of the hood. Metal grease filters can be taken in and out very simply and are easy to clean by popping them in the dishwasher on a regular basis.


Cookaholics focus on the food and the conversation – anything else is just unnecessary noise. Our extractor hoods are designed to be exceptionally quiet even when operating on the highest setting, perfect when you’re cooking up a feast for friends. Created with open-plan living in mind, a NEFF hood won’t detract from a relaxed dining/living space – even if you place your hood above or within a central island unit.


That won’t drown out the conversation

Most of our extractor hoods are exceptionally quiet, but any noise heard is determined by the length and type of ducting used and the installation surroundings. This makes it difficult to provide meaningful information on noise levels, particularly as there is no official international standard for measuring noise.


Allow for greater control over power levels, including intensive and automatic run-on, and display the chosen setting on a clean, white display panel.


Illuminate your kitchen in the light that suits the occasion best with our new ambient light feature. With many of our extractor hoods incorporating energy-efficient LED lighting, creating a warm, inviting space is always part and parcel of a NEFF kitchen. With a welcoming ambience and quiet extraction, our hoods are designed with sociable kitchens in mind. With the power to ventilate even the most spacious open-plan living areas, odours and steam are effectively eliminated without extraction noise drowning out the conversation. Warm and welcoming lighting – the true mark of a kitchen


Automatic after-running

Continues running at a low speed for 3-30 minutes before turning itself off.

Climate control

Detects the amount of steam and smells using a sensor attached to the motor and automatically sets the most effective power level to extract it.

Intensive setting

Boosts the extraction rate to the maximum level to cope with particularly demanding cooking conditions.

Automatic revert

Automatically reverts the hood back to a lower power level after approximately ten minutes of being on the intensive setting.

NEFF fresh air

Runs an automatic air exchange programme, turning the hood onto power level one for five minutes every hour for as long as required.

Soft light

Brightens or dims the lights as it’s switched on or off; just press and hold to adjust the level of brightness.

Hob-hood control

Being able to control the hood directly from the hob means the hood turns on when you start cooking and, in automatic mode, can automatically regulate the power level for the best performance with the lowest noise – it also means you no longer need to worry about adjusting the hood and you can focus on your cooking.

Easily connect – available autumn 2017

The hood can be controlled from the hob: so if you want to take over, you’ll find the controls at your fingertips on the hob.

Boost position

For the new angled glass and flat hoods, receive an extra boost of extraction performance in special cooking situations, for example when frying meat or fish. The front panel can be slightly opened during cooking to a defined extraction boost position in order to increase the steam catching rate of the hood and keep your kitchen free from steam.



The following points should be observed for optimum ducted extraction results and low noise:

1. Ensure any pipe elbow bends are at least 30cm from the hood ducting opening.

2. Avoid reducing the diameter or area of the ducting. Use wide-angled pipe elbows, but keep the number used to a minimum.

3. Only install pipes with smooth, even inner surfaces. If a flexible hose has to be used, ensure it is pulled tight to smooth out the ridges before fixing.

4. Use ducting pipes with a diameter of at least 120mm, but ideally 150mm.

5. Keep piping to a minimum – use the most direct route to an external outlet.

6. Make sure that there is an adequate supply of fresh air to replace the air ducting out of the kitchen, i.e. windows that can be opened, doors to adjacent rooms, air bricks. Problems with installation may occur if points 1-7 are not observed.

More room to cook, prepare and talk to your guests, our ceiling hoods are easy to install

Ideal for island units, straightforward ceiling mounting allows you to simply plug in and get cooking. With 4 ceiling fixing points, installation is quick and non-disruptive.

Easy mounting system

Thanks to an easy wall-mounting system, selected hoods can be installed quickly and securely by one person. Rotating off set ‘cam’ fixings make it possible for positional adjustments of up to 6mm, helping to get the hood level and stable. (Not available on all our hoods.)

Get creative in the kitchen with our new creative slim hood

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